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BREAKING: Ron Paul Backs Trump, Makes EPIC Statement About President’s Tweets…



Freedom-fighter Ron Paul is ecstatic that President Donald Trump is blowing up the establishment with a genuine message that gets straight to the American people.

Here’s what Paul wrote in his blog post “Trump’s Tweets Are Smashing The Government Religion”:

The opening salvo against the establishment’s fantasy would come from the Internet. No longer would Americans be exposed to a single script propagated by something called a “mainstream media.”

The Internet even pokes holes into all the stories that government schools have been propagating as well.

Maybe all of those wars were a complete lie, and countless millions have died in vain. Maybe politicians are just tools of crony interests, that are auctioned off to the highest bidder.

It’s amazing what one can learn when exposed to other opinions. The Internet lacerated the political classes and they’ve been struggling to censor it ever since Netscape gave us the browser.

And now Donald Trump comes along as president and starts firing off one Tweet after another. The new president is completely off script!

Trump’s speech, demeanor, attitude and persona are nothing like the deified president that the political classes have created for America.

Trump is showing the world that the American President is really just a human being after all. He appeals to, and acts, like the man on the street.

Is the illusion of the presidency broken?

Probably not. Beliefs take a while to change.

But keep tweeting President Trump.

Keep smashing the government religion.

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