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BREAKING: Kid Rock Humiliates Chuck Schumer With Brutal Message… Media Shell-Shocked



The media is absolutely stunned at the fact that Kid Rock is running (and currently winning) the race against incumbent Democratic senator Debbie Stabenow.

And the legendary rapper and country music star is even bringing Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer into the beatdown he’s delivering.

On Friday, Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, took a jab at Stabenow and Schumber, saying the following:

“Dinner time at my house. What do you think Schumer is spoon-feeding Stabenow tonight?”

He posted a picture of his very humble dinner of a homemade hamburger, two cobs of corn, and a cold beer.

The American people sure would like to know the propaganda top-tier Democrats are feeding to their liberal counterparts behind closed doors.

It’s time for the anti-American, pro-globalism madness to end.

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