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BREAKING: Democrat Lawmaker Caught Sexually Harassing Voter…



On Sunday, a Kentucky newspaper exposed Democratic state Sen. Julian Carroll’s sexual harassment — “groping” — of a male constituent that occurred in 2005.

He was immediately removed from his top-tier position of minority whip.

TDC reports:

The Senate Democratic caucus formally voted to remove Carroll and called for him to resign his office, according to a Spectrum News report.

“In light of recent media reports, the Senate Democratic Caucus has voted to remove Senator Carroll from his leadership position as minority whip,” Senate Democrats said in a statement. “The Senate Democratic Caucus calls on Senator Carroll to resign his Kentucky State Senate seat, immediately.”

The lawmaker allegedly told local photographer, Jason Geis, he would help him get into art school and then groped him, before propositioning him for sexual favors, according to a recording provided by Geis.

“I want to be your friend,” Carroll said to Geis in 2005. “But you know what I want don’t you? I want to be relieved.” The then-75-year-old lawmaker ordered Geis to “jack me off.”

The aging Democrat then told the aspiring photographer to provide him oral sex before cautioning “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Carroll has yet to publicly address the allegations made in the report, but he told local reporter Rick Storm that the claims were “ridiculous” and that they “never happened.”

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