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BOOM: Trump Embarrasses Obama With His Incredible Gesture To Melania…



President Donald Trump is continuing to humiliate former President Barack Obama with subtle actions and gestures.

On Friday, the president and First Lady Melania Trump landed back in the United States, after a grand outing to France, celebrating Bastille Day.

Upon heading down the stairs of the Air Force One, Trump is seen hoisting an umbrella to shield him and his wife from the rain.

Immediately, everyone thought back to the infamous photo of the Marine standing in the rain, holding an umbrella over Obama, but not himself.

Take a look:

But President Trump, being a true gentleman, is seen holding the umbrella for the First Lady as they walk down the slippery steps.

In addition, people also adored his gesture last week when a Marine’s hat flew off, causing Trump to chase after it and put it back on his head.

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