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JUST IN: Intolerant Democrat Mayor DISGRACES Trump And Pence Portraits… Media SILENT



Democrats, who supposedly belong to the “party of tolerance,” have once again displayed a massive bout of intolerance.

JHN reports:

Traditionally, government buildings are adorned with pictures of the United States’ chief executives. Mayor Pete Muldoon, however, recently decided to break with the custom and replaced the pictures of President Trump and Vice President Pence near the entrance of Town Hall with one of former Shoshone Chief Washakie.

“Our town government takes a lot of pride in the details, in getting it right, in working together, in respecting all members of the community, in service to the public and in competence,” he said. “Our current president shows no interest in any of these things, and I think it sends the wrong message when we honor him.

“If I was the CEO of a trusted investment firm,” he said, “I wouldn’t have a portrait of Bernie Madoff hanging in the lobby, and having a portrait of Donald Trump hanging in Town Hall seems like the same thing to me.”

County Commissioner Paul Vogelheim, chairman of the Teton County Republicans, said Muldoon’s executive decision to remove the photos, made with little to no input from the public or his fellow councilors, made him chuckle at first.

“It’s ironic,” he said. “This type of brash action, taken without collaborating or involving the rest of the Town Council, made me say ‘Boy, that’s a kind of action similar to our president.’ ”

On a more serious note, Vogelheim said he was disappointed to see divisive politics rear their head in Jackson.

“Hanging pictures of the president has been a tradition in the community since at least the mid-’80s,” he said. “I find this totally disrespectful and dishonoring of the position of the president. Even more so, the concern is that it’s bringing ugly national partisan politics into our community.”

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