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OOPS: Kathy Griffin Just Ended The Career Of “Obama 2.0”



D-list comedian Kathy Griffin has come under fire for her endorsements of different candidates and organizations after holding a severed, bloodied head resembling President Donald Trump.

And one of those endorsements could not only cost an election, but ruin the political career of a rising star in the Democrat party — Georgia special election candidate Jon Ossoff.

Free Beacon reports:

A new ad from the Conservative Leadership Fund highlights the vocal support that Kathy Griffin has given to Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, who has been buoyed by money and support from Hollywood.

“Liberal extremists have gone too far,” says the ad. “Smashing windows, burning cars, dividing America. Now a celebrity Jon Ossoff-supporter is making jokes about beheading the President of the United States.”

The ad is referring to Griffin, who came under fire this week after she posted pictures of herself posing with the severed head of President Donald Trump.

“There’s a reason 95 percent of Ossoff’s campaign donors are out-of-state liberals—he is one of them,” the ad concludes.

CLF’s executive director Corry Bliss put pressure on Ossoff to denounce his support from Griffin, who was fired by CNN Wednesday over the obscene images she appeared in.

“Jon Ossoff has refused to denounce his supporter Kathy Griffin for over 48 hours after posting distributing images of her and President Trump,” Bliss said.

“To disagree with a president, or any elected official, on issues or beliefs is normal and often even celebrated in our democracy, but the actions coming from extreme liberals like Kathy Griffin have absolutely no place in civil discourse,” Bliss said. “Ossoff’s silence further proves he can’t be trusted to represent Georgia values.”

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