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Liberals’ Gun-Control Narrative Gets OBLITERATED By Fed-Up Patriot



In the aftermath of the shooting at a GOP baseball practice, in which Rep. Steve Scalise was badly injured, the infamous gun-control debate has roared back.

Immediately following the tragedy, the push for regulations on the Second Amendment begun when Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe hilariously claimed that “93 million Americans” were victims of gun violence every day — not once, but twice.

However, many on the left continued that onslaught against gun rights — but one patriotic lady wasn’t having it.

Alana Mastragnelo went viral with her epic response to these Democrats:

“And now liberals are trying to make the Steve Scalise shooting into a gun issue. NO, you don’t get to shoot us and then demand to disarm us.


The tweet has gotten thousands of shares and likes — it’s truly the perfect response for anti-American politicians like McAuliffe.

It’s also worth noting that a congressmen who was in the dugout during the shooting made an announcement that his stance on gun rights has not changed a bit — he’s a proud supporter of the Second Amendment.

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