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LEADERSHIP: Trump Drops Birthday Bash, Instead Visits Hospital With Congressman…



Unlike years past, there hasn’t been much celebration surrounding President Donald Trump’s 71st birthday.

Instead, on his first birthday officially in the Oval Office, he did his daily duties — and then some, ultimately skipping the usual evening birthday bash.

Here’s what happened in the later part of the evening, according to the White House record:

“Sean Spicer giggled with pool upon return to WH. Said Trumps met with Scalise doctors, including Ira Rabin, vice president for medical operations. They also talked to Scalises wife Jennifer.

“Spicer: [POTUS] entered the room, spoke with Scalises family, and sat by his bedside with Mrs. Trump.

“They were accompanied to the hospital by Trump’s personal physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson. Jackson rode in the motorcade, but had been to the hospital to confer on Scales earlier.

“Melania offered the family a bouquet of the white flowers seen earlier by pool.

“The first couple also me with Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner and her wife. They got the second bouquet of flowers.

“Spicer said the first couple also talked wot the other Capitol Police who were at the hospital.”

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