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JUST IN: Trump Deploys “Special Gift” To Kim Jong-Un After Firing More Missiles…



The United States is no longer a pushover — and President Trump’s latest show of force is going to have Kim Jong-Un rethinking his gigantic ego.

Two U.S. warships have been sent very close to the North Korean shore, in an epic display of American strength and resolve.

USANF reports:

Two large U.S. aircraft carriers, which are only now being seen together for the first time, have been joined by Japan’s maritime self defense force for drills in the Sea of Japan.

This dramatic show of force comes just a few days after the U.S. Pacific Command reiterated their “ironclad commitment” to protecting allies in both Japan and South Korea, following the North’s launch of short-ranged ballistic missile.

In April, President Trump declared that the U.S. was sending an armada to the Peninsula during an announcement — but this angered Pyongyang. In retaliation, Kim Jong-Un ignored the warnings by the U.S., endangering neighboring nations with more missile tests.

And now, a naval force is creeping toward North Korea.

While the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has stated that he intends to deter North Korea with the help of the U.S., China has been urging restraint, calling both side to not engage in any provocation.

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