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JUST IN: Rachel Maddow Suffers MAJOR Setback…



After months of biased, fiercely anti-Trump rhetoric and reporting, MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow has her first major setback.

She lost one of her biggest advertisers — LegalZoom.

Thanks to a pressure campaign on her sponsors, put on by the Media Equality Project, Maddow will be forced to show a truthful, more journalistic side of her — if she’s even able to do so.

MEP reports:

Upon hearing that has decided to pull their ads from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, Melanie Morgan, Co-founder of the Media Equality Project, thanked the thousands of volunteers who have been calling, emailing, writing letters and cancelling their accounts.

“We’re fighting fire with fire and we’re winning! It’s so gratifying to hear understands how Rachel Maddow’s dishonest and biased reporting doesn’t resonate with their customers. Thank you to all the Stop the Scalpings volunteers who made their voices heard,” said Morgan.

Stop the Scalpings has posted the contact information for every advertiser on MSNBC’s flagship show on their Facebook page (now 103,000 strong) and on the website. Every day, volunteers focus their efforts on a different company and share their feedback.

Co-founder Brian Maloney added, “When left-wing smear organizations attempted to remove opposing voices from the airwaves, they should have known it would compel a strong response. While we’re not for censorship, we do believe moderates, conservatives and independents can choose to patronize businesses that correspond to their own values. LegalZoom has recognized this new environment.”

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