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JUST IN: Kamala Harris Is In SERIOUS Trouble…



They say “you are the company you keep” — and California Sen. Kamala Harris, a rising star in the Democrat Party, has quite troubling company.

LA Times reports:

About a year before an aide to the state’s top prosecutor was put on leave after being accused of impersonating a police officer, another employee in Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris’ office was arrested for posing as a member of law enforcement.

Adrienne Mayr, 50, a secretary with the Department of Justice, was arrested in April 2014 after repeatedly flashing the badge of a dead deputy attorney general at drivers in Los Angeles County and in one instance, trapping a mother and child in their car at an intersection.

Mayr was arrested for child endangerment, false imprisonment, posing as a public officer, exhibiting a badge to defraud and receiving stolen property, said Doris Peniche, a spokeswoman for the California Highway Patrol. Los Angeles County prosecutors charged her with one count of unlawful use of a badge and one count of impersonating a public officer. She pleaded no contest to using the badge and the second charge was dismissed, court records show.

On Friday, Harris spokesman David Beltran acknowledged the department was aware of the case.

“We have an ongoing personnel investigation into the matter. We can’t comment on disciplinary action that may be taken, but this case is serious and troubling,” Beltran said. “After the personnel investigation is completed, appropriate action will be taken.”

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