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JUST IN: “Covfefe” Mystery Solved & Look What It Means… President Trump Is BRILLIANT



When President Trump used the word “covfefe” in a tweet on Wednesday, the internet went completely bonkers.

Many thought he made a simple spelling error or was “sleep-tweeting” — but it looks like some smart folks have finally figured out what it really means.

USANF reports:

Just within hours of the tweet, hundreds of mockery pictures were being made and posted on social media, until Sean Spicer himself addressed the “covfefe” mystery, saying the tweet was actually intentional — but didn’t say what exactly it meant.

However, some people started digging and figured it out — when translated in Arabic, the word “Cov fe’fe” means “I will stand up.

This makes perfect sense if you put it in context with the tweet: “Despite the constant negative press, I will stand up.”


Despite the pressure and mockery from the press and the internet, President Trump seems to have outwitted everyone and we can clearly see that he has put his time in Saudi Arabia to good use, learning a new phrase or two.

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