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JUST IN: Foreign Country To Erect Life-Size STATUE Of First Lady Melania Trump…



A little town in Bosnia is going to show a lot of love for U.S. First Lady Melania Trump.

Marinko Umicevic, an MP in the Assembly of Banja Luka, has stunned the world with his announcement of a life-sized statue of Melania Trump in front of renowned shoe factory “Bema,” where Umicevic is the technical director.

The statue will be unveiled on July 20 and has already been designed in a specific dress and shoes that “stone Melania” will be wearing.

USANF reports:

The statue will be life-sized and will be accessorized with Bema shoes and handbag, and it will be sculpted by Stevo Selak, a famous sculptor that has designed statues of Trump and Putin. The materials used in the creation of this statue are gypsum, which is as strong as rock, and Selak gave a guarantee that the statue will be standing for at least 50 years.

But love isn’t the only drive for Marinko wanting to place the statue in front of Bema. He also wants to celebrate Melania’s recent birthday, and invite her to visit Banja Luka, all while contributing to friendly relations with the United States as well.

The announcement of Melania’s statue quickly spread around, and Marinko has been contacted by a number of international and European media.

“The news spread around fast. They are constantly calling me and asking where is this Banja Luka. I am trying to promote our city, and this is one way to do it,” Umicevic said.

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