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JUST IN: Bill O’Reilly Breaks Silence, Vindicates Trump With EPIC Statement…



Bill O’Reilly may no longer be part of mainstream news, but he’s certainly not going to stay quiet.

In a Wednesday afternoon tweet, the former Fox News commentator mocked the controversial hearings before the Senate Intelligence Committee, saying that all the hype was worthless for left-leaning media outlets.

“Not much out of the Senate Intelligence hearings today. 0/4 chieftains implicated the WH in any wrongdoing. Bad day for the anti-Trump media.”

Here’s the tweet:

A few hours before this tweet, he published another tweet saying that the Comey testimony will further divide the country and the “hysteria” will continue.

“USA will become more divided after Comey testifies. Anti-Trump media will whip the story into a hysterical exposition, ride it for weeks.”

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