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BREAKING: 1000+ Killed By Islamists During 2017 Ramadan… But It Gets Even WORSE



They’re calling it the “Ramadan Bombathon.”

As of Saturday morning, over 1000 people have died at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists over the course of 86 separate attacks around the world. has recorded every religious attack in the month of June, breaking them down into three categories.

The first is those killed by Muslims in the name of Islam — which is a whopping 1053 people killed around the world.

The second is those killed in the name of all other religions combined (Christianity, Bhuddism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc.) — and, not surprisingly, not a single person has been killed in the name of a religion other than Islam.

Lastly, they’ve got a counter of all Muslims killed by “Islamophobes” — it’s still at zero.

But the worst part is the fact that the month is only halfway over — and the onslaught is expected to continue.

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