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Immediately After Comey Said He Was “Defamed” By Trump, Don Jr. DESTROYED Him…



On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee — and Donald Trump Jr. defended his father, ultimately destroying any untruths about President Trump.

USANF reports:

During the hearing, Comey had been under questioning about a past conversation he reportedly had with President Donald Trump, about an investigation into the former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

President Trump said “I hope you can let this go,” according to Comey, while the two of them were discussing Flynn back in February.

When questioned, the former FBI Director stated that he took president Trump’s statement as a “direction” and not at all as an “order.”

That’s when Trump Jr. intervened on Twitter, writing that Comey would have known if his father gave him an order, calling his comments in the hearing “BS:”

Even Jason Miller, Trump’s former spokesman agreed with Trump Jr.

The eldest son of the Trump family went on with his series of tweets, while retweeting MSNBC host Greta van Susteren and Fox News, his father’s cable of choice, all while commenting on the point made by Sen. Marco Rubio during the hearing, referring to there being no leaks about Trump not being personally under investigation:

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