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Here’s The REAL Reason Trump Withdrew From Paris Climate Accord… CNN Is SILENT



When the news originally broke that President Donald Trump had left the Paris Climate Accord, many pundits speculated that he exited due to “waste, fraud, and abuse.”

That’s a great point, but that’s not the real reason for the withdrawal.

During the campaign trail, then-candidate Trump pushed the idea of better, more fair trade deals with other nations — and the Paris Agreement was the epitome of “unfair.”

That’s because no other nations in the agreement contributed anything — yes, not a single dollar was given to the pact from China, Germany, the UK, etc.

All this globalist group did was drain Americans of their hard-earned money.

This is why the commander-in-chief said “enough is enough.”

Fox News Insider reported that David Asman, the news anchor at Fox News, said that China, Russia and India haven’t given even one cent in the Green Climate Fund, and yet America is the one getting blamed.

Moreover, the international community actually pressured the U.S. to join the Paris Climate Accord.

Steve Forbes also added that there is another reason on why President Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord. According to him, the billion-dollar payment had a very big impact.

“It would have a devastating impact on our economy,” Forbes said.

Forbes also added that America is already reducing the Carbon emission better than any other country in the world.

Mike Ozanian also pointed to the fact that all of the money from the Green Climate Fund are controlled by the UN, and it is generally known that the UN doesn’t like America very much.

Whatever the case is, I am glad President Trump got America out of that horrendous deal. Hopefully, in the future, those $1 Billion will be put to a better use.

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