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JUST IN: French President Sticks KNIFE In Trump’s Side With Surprise Move…



One of the most special things about President Trump is his refusal to break a promise he made to “Make America Great Again.”

However, French President Emmanuel Macron is perverting that pro-liberty, pro-American slogan for his own globalist climate agenda.

The Washington Examiner reports:

On Friday, Macron launched a new website called “Make Our Planet Great Again,” following President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement.

Macron’s new initiative, a none-too-subtle stab at Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, encourages American scientists unhappy with Trump’s decision to come and work in France.

“France is becoming an innovative hub of science, technology and progress,” the website says. “You may know our research hubs, such as La Sorbonne or Paris-Saclay. These are the places you have to come work in to develop new initiatives for our planet.”

The website serves as “a concrete tool to enable and facilitate the arrival of every committed citizen” and features a page for people from around the world to plug in their information and learn more about moving to France and opportunities available for them if they decide to move.

“We are ONE planet and Together, we can make a difference,” Macron’s statement on the website says. “France has always led fights for human rights. Today, more than ever, we are determined to lead (and win!) this battle on climate change.”

Macron first used “Make our planet great again” in a video released after Trump’s announcement to encourage American scientists to come to France.

“I call on them, come, and work here with us,” Macron said. “To work together on concrete solutions for our climate, our environment. I can assure you that France will not give up the fight.”

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