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DHS Secretary Reveals 66,000 Illegals Have Been Arrested Since January



Liberals are upset that the Trump administration is following the laws.

On Thursday, at a press conference touting progress against illegal immigration, the Department of Homeland Security revealed that it had arrested around 66,000 individuals who are either known or suspected of being in the country illegally.

Breitbart reports:

The 66,000 arrested since January include 48,000 convicted criminals, he said. “Many of the rest are charged with crimes, often multiple ones, or had gang affiliations,” Kelly said.

But Kelly also slammed congressional legislators who are quietly trying to roll back enforcement of the popular immigration laws, saying:

DHS does not make the laws. Congress does, and we will enforce the laws that are passed by Congress, and I am offended when members of this institution [the House of Representatives] exert pressure and often threaten me and my officers to ignore the laws they make and I am sworn to uphold.

Kelly did not name any of the legislators whom he said are trying to restrict DHS enforcement operations.

Kelly’s strongly worded statements came during a press conference to tout the GOP’s mixed record on immigration reform and enforcement, and to boost two modest immigration reform bills, which are scheduled for a vote on Thursday. “We are doing two important promises on immigration today,” House Speaker Paul Ryan told the press conference.

The two pending bills — dubbed “Kate’s Law” and the “No Sanctuaries for Criminals Act” — raise possible jail penalties for illegal immigrants who repeatedly return to the United States, and allow federal officials additional legal authority to cut off some categories of federals funds to the cities and state which refuse to let federal officers arrest illegal immigrants held in local jailhouses.

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