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Democrats Are 100% Fed-Up With Hillary Clinton



In the aftermath of the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton retired from the spotlight for a few months — but now she’s back to cast blame on everyone but herself for her loss to President Donald Trump.

But Democrats are tired of her antics and are making her worst nightmare a reality — they’re officially abandoning her.

Recently, the former secretary of state attacked the Democratic National Committee for her loss, causing the media to ask dozens of long-time party members about Clinton’s remarks — including many staunch Clinton supporters and former aides.

And almost almost every single member interviewed said that Clinton needs to rethink her public blaming tour, because she looks “bitter” and is making “the party look bad.”

“Good God, what is she doing?” one longtime aide stated. “She’s apparently still really, really angry. I mean, we all are. The election was stolen from her, and that’s how she feels.”

“But to go out there publicly again and again and talk about it? And then blame the DNC?” the aide wondered. “It’s not helpful to Democrats. It’s not helpful to the country, and I don’t think it’s helpful to her.”

They’re abandoning her en masse — any future political career she wished to seek is officially toast.

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