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BREAKING: President Trump Hit With Massive Lawsuit… Please Pray!



The left is launching another massive attack on President Donald Trump — and this time, it’s revolving around his business empire.

On Monday, Maryland and Washington D.C. officials will sue the commander-in-chief for “violating” the emoluments clause in the Constitution, claiming he’s “accepting payments and benefits from foreign governments through his businesses.

Breitbart reports:

The announced lawsuit adds to Trump’s woes as he grapples with congressional and a special prosecutor’s probes into his campaign’s alleged ties with Russia, which US intelligence agencies say meddled aggressively in the 2016 election to held Trump win.

Since taking power in January, Trump has turned day to day control over his real estate empire and other assets to his adult sons, but not sold them off as many said he should to avoid conflicts of interest.

The lawsuit will be filed Monday by the attorneys general of Maryland and Washington in the US District Court for the District of Maryland, the Washington Post reported.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh said the case is about Trump’s failure to separate his personal interests from his presidential duties.

Frosh told the Post that the emoluments clause mandates that “the president put the country first and not his own personal interest first.”

A key case in the dispute is a hotel that Trump opened last year by leasing a large, stately building that used to be a central post office, just down the road from the White House.

Aside from the issue of the foreign payments ban, Maryland and Washington complain that the presence of a Trump hotel hurts competing hotels in their jurisdictions.

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