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BREAKING: Ivanka Trump Makes MAJOR Announcement About New “College Alternative”…



First Daughter Ivanka Trump launched “Workforce Development Week” with an appearance on Fox & Friends — and there she revealed the Trump administration’s plan to all those who don’t participate in a traditional four-year college to have more opportunities.

RAP reports:

The administration is planning a trip to a vocational school in Wisconsin to show examples of how skilled labor provides job opportunities. President Trump is expected to announce his plan to streamline the process for businesses and trade groups to create new apprenticeship programs, reported CBS News.

“We’re visiting one of the examples of skills-based learning and skills-based education, a technical school in Wisconsin which we’re very excited to talk about the skills gap,” Ivanka said on Monday. “To highlight the fact that there is a viable path beside a four-year college experience.”

“So really investing in vocational education, skill-based education,” she continued. “There are six million available American jobs so we’re constantly hearing from CEOs that there but they don’t have the workers out there with the skill set to fill their jobs.”

Ivanka said that she hoped the administration’s efforts would be transformative to bridging that gap. She even hopes it will help workers who have been displaced by either automation or outsourcing.

This seems to be one of the few times that the Trump Administration’s efforts are being matched by bipartisanship in Congress. The House will be voting next week on The Perkins Act which will expand spending on skill-based education by $1 billion.

Watch the interview below:

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