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BREAKING: 48-Hours After Hearing, Comey Nabs $10 MILLION…



On Saturday, former FBI Director James Comey was offered $10 million to spill his many secrets on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump.

And it’ll all be packaged in a published book — all he has to do is say “yes.”

GP reports:

Publishers are reportedly scrambling to sign a book deal with Comey — Hollywood is also reportedly lining up to get the scoop.

President Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski called James Comey a liar and was disgusted by the news about publishers scrambling to sign a book deal with Comey.

Lewandowski: “Don’t kid yourself, Jim Comey is a person who has made a career, a very good career living in Washington.”

“And what we saw this week — I’m shocked by this news, is Jim Comey’s about to sign a $10 million book deal, right? It’s amazing how these guys go from government service to multi-millionaires, and people wonder why Washington is broken.”

“The swamp creatures are very real.”

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