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BOOM: Rush Limbaugh Calls Out “Pathological” CNN In STUNNING Rant…



On Thursday, conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh reacted to commentary that aired on CNN following former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

In that segment, CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin declared that based on this testimony, we now “know” President Donald Trump is under criminal investigation.

Limbaugh first raked Toobin over the coals, then began to question the mental capacity of those at CNN.

Partial transcript as follows:

During the break right before the conclusion the previous hour, I did something I seldom do.

I actually turned on the audio here during a break. I was listening to CNN. They had a roundtable discussion. Comey’s testimony had just ended so they go into closed session. Yeah, closed session, where the real juicy stuff can be thrown out there for Richard Burr to slurp up and whatever else! I’m watching Toobin — Jeffrey Toobin, the supreme legal analyst at CNN — and he’s acknowledging that it was true that Comey had said Trump was not a target three different times, but now he is.

“Today we know that there is a criminal investigation of Trump.” I went, “What? What criminal investigation of Trump?” Are you aware of any new investigation of Trump that’s criminal? Seriously, now. Have I missed something? Well, he said it! He said, “Yeah, Trump was not a target, but we know today — right in June of 2017 — that there is an investigation of Trump.” And then they went to this Jim Sciutto guy (who I think Trump personally called out as fake news once in a news conference) and this guy says, “That’s right, Jeffrey!

“That’s absolutely right, and the investigation…” That’s how they identified it. They said the criminal investigation of Trump is his comment to Comey “I hope you can let the Flynn thing go…” CNN now says that that comment from Trump has opened a personal, new investigation of Trump. I didn’t hear Comey say that, but I do know this. When Comey was asked, “After Trump said all this, why didn’t you resign? I mean, if it’s such a great affront — if Trump is saying, ‘Gee, I hope you could find a way to let this Flynn thing go.

“‘You know, he’s a good guy,’ and you, Comey, said, ‘Yeah, he’s a good guy.’ Why didn’t you quit, and why didn’t you report this to the attorney general? Why didn’t you go out and immediately tell your colleagues at the FBI?” Comey says, “I guess I just wasn’t courageous enough,” and then he said, “I didn’t want to taint the investigation.” How in the world can the FBI director “taint” the investigation by announcing new information? Bottom line: I don’t believe that this investigation of Trump is about the Flynn comment.

They’re just lying through their teeth about this — and then Jim Sciutto went on and said, “You know, Anderson…” Anderson Cooper was hosting. “You know, Anderson, this famous dossier, the golden showers dossier that everybody says there’s nothing to? I’m told that there might be something to it, Anderson. I’m told… You heard Comey wouldn’t answer about this in open session, and I’m told that there may be that this is not discredited fully, that it’s not fully off the table, that there might, in fact…” It is fully discredited!

It was made up. It was admittedly manufactured like a novel. It is total fiction, this golden showers memo. But there’s CNN now claiming that Trump is under investigation as of today, despite Comey saying that he was not a target three different times, and that dossier? That’s still active. There may, in fact, be something there! This is why I don’t want you to get caught up in this stuff because you’re just gonna get frustrated. You’re just dealing with people who have… CNN’s gone total pathological now. CNN is clinically, psychologically off-kilter.

Something’s happened over there and everybody working there is lost, and I mean this in the greatest sincerity. They have been so overtaken by whatever it is, the hate that governs them. You know, hate is a poison. The longer you hate and the longer you hold on to it and don’t let it go, the more poisonous and destructive it becomes. And these people have forfeited all presence in reality. They’re off on a dangerous, dangerous pathological trail now: Openly, wantonly lying about Trump being under investigation and this memo now.

“There’s something to it! I’ve got sources that say that this is big! They’re going to really dig even further into this.”

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