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Trump Did Something In Israel That No President Has Done Before In American History



President Donald Trump continues to make history — and this time, through his admiration for Israel.

The Algemeiner reports;

Trump and his entourage arrived in Israel on Monday morning on the second leg of a foreign tour that began in Saudi Arabia on Friday.

Trump departed immediately for the holy sites in the Old City of Jerusalem, with stops at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – believed to be the burial place of Jesus – and the Western Wall.

This is the first time an American president has visited the Old City of Jerusalem.

Speaking at the residence of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, Trump addressed the growing threat to the region posed by Iran.

“Most importantly, the United States and Israel can declare with one voice that Iran can never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon, not ever, ever, and must cease its training and funding of terror groups and militias, and must cease immediately,” Trump said.

This is a “deep consensus in the world, including in the Muslim world,” Trump added.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier welcomed Trump on the tarmac at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv. “Hello, my friend,” Trump told Netanyahu, as they shook hands. “Welcome, my good friend,” Netanyahu responded.

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