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Trump Arrives At Saudi Arabia



President Trump has landed iin Saudi Arabia — and he had a very grand welcome.

USANF reports:

With the goal of impressing President Trump and marking up the special occasion, Saudi Arabia rounded up a number of celebrities and important individuals to celebrate Trump’s two-day visit. Some of them were the country singer Toby Keith, Fox News host Bret Baier, as well as Sudanese President Omar-al-Bashir.

Reports have stated that Saudi Arabia is delighted by being Trump’s number-one stop on his list of visits, as well as of the re-surfacing of strong diplomatic ties between the U.S. and the nation. As a proof of this, a special website was even created by Saudi Arabia named Riyadh Summit 2017, specifically for providing information about the summit in English, Arabic, French, and they topped off everything with a clock which counts down the seconds until the beginning of the event.

The highly anticipated event “Together We Prevail” will be the first one of its kind in modern history, and it has the goal of renewing our mutual commitment to global security and business as well as cultural and political ties. The website provides further information explaining how they are working in partnership with Islamic and American allies to improve the lives of the people and strengthen their collective economies.

All this happening as we speak, but the left still chooses to mislead the people, telling everyone that Trump hates ALL MUSLIMS and has a discriminating agenda against them, but it is not about that at all. Trump’s goal is to eliminate terrorism and keep the American people safe, something that is only achievable through establishing better diplomatic ties with foreign nations.

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