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SHOCK: Lindsey Graham Turns Tables, Exposes Hillary’s Obstruction Of Justice On LIVE TV!



South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham has surprisingly gone on the offense for the Trump administration, calling out the hypocrisy of Democrats and blowing a massive hole in the left’s latest talking points — all by bringing up communication between Hillary and the DOJ.

Here’s what he said:

“I have reason to believe that there are emails between Clinton Campaign officials, Democratic operatives to the Department of Justice regarding the Clinton email investigation that happened on Obama’s watch.

“I have reason to believe that those emails exist. I am on the Judiciary committee. I also believe that the Judiciary committee should be given any emails directed to the Department of Justice by Clinton campaign officials, operatives, or Democratic officials.

“I wanna know if the Department of Justice received communications from the Clinton campaign and Democratic officials about the email investigation,” Graham stated.

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