LOOK: Kathy Griffin Also Attacked Melania In Beheading Photoshoot

Kathy Griffin made an obscene, blunt attack on President Donald Trump in her recent photoshoot, where she held his bloodied, severed head — mimicking the likes of the ISIS and other terror factions.

But she also, in a much more subtle manner, attacked First Lady Melania Trump’s fashion attire.

During the second presidential debate, Melania Trump showed up in a “Pussy-bow” blouse.

The top-tier, $1,100 fuchsia blouse was part of Gucci’s brand-new, 2016 collection.

Take a look:

On Tuesday, Kathy Griffin jabbed the First Lady by donning a blue “pussy-bow” blouse in her inflammatory photoshoot.

A classless stunt by a classless lady — who’s career is over.

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