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Where Was the Outrage When Obama Wanted To Openly Share Top-Secret Info With Russia?



The media has lambasted President Trump over a single report claiming he shared “classified information” with Russians regarding anti-Terrorist activities.

National Security Advisor McMaster said he and Secretary of State Tillerson were in the room when talks occurred — and no classified information was shared.

However, in June 2016, the Obama administration was open about wanting to share the exact same information President Trump shared — and ironically, the Washington Post reported it.

WaPo reports:

“The Obama administration has offered to help Russia improve its targeting of terrorist groups in Syria if Moscow will stop bombing civilians and opposition fighters who have signed on to a cease-fire and use its influence to force Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to do the same.

“The offer early this week of what one administration official called “enhanced information sharing” does not include joint military planning, targeting or coordination with U.S. airstrikes or other operations in Syria,” the Washington Post reports.

In this blatant hypocrisy in tone from the same paper, it’s clear that mainstream journalism is dead.

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