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Melania Trump Makes Announcement About Trump’s Foreign Trip



On Thursday, First Lady Melania Trump made an announcement that she will be joining her husband on his first foreign trip.

USANF reports:

America’s most iconic pair is scheduled to fly out Friday, on an eight-day journey — they’ll be making stops in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Rome, and Sicily. Their trip is also going to include an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

In a press release, Melania has stated that she is excited about the upcoming trip, and she also added that aside from supporting her husband, she is going to have the opportunity and honor to visit and speak with women and children from different countries, with different views and perspectives. As we all know, Melania is an independent and intelligent woman, meaning that she is always open to learning new things, which is why this will be a great opportunity for her to show herself in the right light.

While the First Family is going to be together every day, Melania will also be traveling to participate in her own events, including spousal programs at the NATO as well as G-7 summits.

Last but not least, the first lady is expected to deliver remarks to the U.S. military personnel and families in Italy.

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