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Media Hides Fact That Ivanka Trump Praises Saudi Progress On Women’s Rights



The media continues their cover-up as Ivanka Trump pulls out her feminist card, thanking Saudi Arabia for taking a stand against the lack of women’s rights in so much of the Middle East.

USANF reports:

“Saudi Arabia’s progress, especially in recent years, is very encouraging,” Ivanka told a group of Saudi women she met in Riyadh while accompanying her father.

“But there’s still a lot of work to be done and freedoms and opportunities to continue to fight for,” she added.

Ivanka continued, saying that women in oppressed countries are beginning to receive more of their God-given rights and freedoms, encouraging them to stand on the frontline of the fight for gender equality — where it’s actually needed. She gave her speech in front of a roundtable of women led by Princess Reema bint Bandar, deputy president of the Women’s Sports Authority.

Princess Reema held her own speech, in which she noted that she previously met Ivanka as they both had “life in retail.”

The Princess added ‘That life in retail took us through to various journeys and exposed us actually to what other women’s experiences in the workplace are.’ She stated, ‘From that, in the application of her experience and knowledge there, she’s gone to really be an advocate for women.’

Reema added that they both found themselves in governmental positions, and how she hopes to make a difference for the future of women not just in our countries, but for the whole world.

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