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Maxine Waters Makes Embarrassing Admission About Russia… Trump Is Going To LOVE This



In an interview with The Washington Post’s Johnathan Capehart, Maxine Waters made a troubling admission on the air.

When Waters was asked if she had evidence to back up her numerous claims of President Trump colluding with Russia, she simply said “nope.”

Yes, she said, after all her accusations, she had nothing.

“I gotta ask you, because you leveled a whole lotta accusations out there about collusion and hacking — now, have you seen anything out there, either intelligence briefings or anything that back up the accusations that you’ve made?” Capehart asked.

Waters first responded to the “Russian hacking” question, since there is documentation that Russia tried to meddle in the election.

“Well, don’t forget that all of our intelligence agencies have documentation that point to [Russia] doing the ‘hacking,'” Waters said.

Capehard responded: “What about collusion?”



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