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This Man Is The Reason Every American Must Be Against Illegal Immigration



Part of the Democrat Party’s platform is the allowance of undocumented immigrants, claiming that the “right” or “moral” thing to do is to let these individuals stay.

But the man pictured above is a living testament as to why it’s wrong to do just that.

Let’s just put it like this — how would you feel if you’re standing at the back of a terribly long line, having already waited hours for new movie tickets, and someone from the street walks up to the front of the line, gets their tickets, and heads into the theater?

You would be enraged and bewildered — like everyone else in the line — because what just occurred was entirely unfair and unjust.

Well, that’s exactly how someone like Cantos (who asked that his last name remain anonymous) feels.

Going through the naturalization process, he waited an astonishing 16 years to become an American.

“There definitely is a lot of paperwork and fees involved. From student visa to final paperwork it took over $7,500 in fees. It’s a long and expensive process. During my years I paid taxes in the U.S. without having a say in how they were spent. If I wanted a voice, I needed to become a citizen.” Cantos said.

So he did — and he was just sworn in on Monday morning.

Now, should the naturalization process be faster? Sure. Should it be cheaper? Of course. Should it be less invasive? Definitely. However, that does not mean America should stoop to the position of amnesty or allowing anyone into the United States, regardless of their views toward this country.

Now, you could say that undocumented immigrants have helped Americans. You could say that undocumented immigrants have done jobs Americans don’t want. Heck, you could say numerous positive things about productive undocumented immigrants.

However, you simply cannot say that undocumented immigrants were fair to America’s legal immigrants.

That’s why people want a wall and a gate, since those who wish to come to America to follow her laws should be accepted and welcomed.

“We are going to have that big beautiful door in the wall,” Donald Trump said in his Pensacola, FL rally last November.

And that, folks, is really what it’s all about — hard-working, dedicated people like Cantos should be treated fairly.

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