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SHOCK: United Airlines Sends Woman On 3,000 Mile Trip In The WRONG Direction…



United Airlines just can’t seem to stop messing up.

Fox News reports:

United Airlines has found itself apologizing yet again, this time for sending a French woman on a 3,000-mile trip in the wrong direction.

Lucie Bahetoukilae was recently scheduled to fly from Newark, N.J., to Paris, but instead found herself flying to San Francisco after she was inadvertently allowed to board the wrong plane, reports WABC.

According to Bahetoukilae, who speaks only French and allowed her niece to speak on her behalf, the airline changed the flight’s gate at the last minute, and failed to notify the passengers via email. Furthermore, Bahetoukilae claims the airline did not announce the gate change in French, despite the original flight being bound for Paris.

“If they would have made the announcement in French, she would she have moved gates,” Bahetoukilae’s niece, Diane Miantsoko, told WABC.

Bahetoukilae, not knowing any better, gave her ticket to the gate agent, who then scanned it and allowed Bahetoukilae to board.

Upon arriving at her row, however, Bahetoukilae found another passenger seated in her spot. Confused, she showed her ticket to a flight attendant, who, instead of noticing the airline’s error, simply sat Bahetoukilae in an empty seat.

Bahetoukilae then embarked on a 7.5-hour flight in the wrong direction. When she arrived in San Francisco, Bahetoukilae then endured an 11-hour layover as United tried to place her on another flight to France. In total, she spent more than 28 hours trying to reach her initial destination.

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