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Elizabeth Warren’s Indian Opponent Just Challenged Her In An EPIC Way… It’s Over For Her



A real Indian vs. a fake Indian?

That’s a duel many people would love to see — and that’s the deal that Indian candidate Shiva Ayyadurai wants to see agains his Massachusetts opponent Elizabeth Warren.

In a tweet published Sunday, Ayyadurai challenged the incumbent senator to a debate — and called her out for her never-ending antics.

“#RealIndian vs. FakeIndian – @SenWarren: Are you willing to debate me publicly in Harvard Yard? Bring all your cronies, pre-made fake signs, paid shills & I’ll beat you in your own backyard. Tire of your bogus robotic tweets and screeching speeches!” the Republican senate candidate tweeted out.

Warren has yet to respond to the challenge.

Do you agree it’s time for Elizabeth Warren to step down!



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