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Defense Secretary Mattis Triggers Media With 2 Simple Words On Trump/Russia Drama



Currently, the entirety of the mainstream media is melting in rage upon a new, unfounded accusation against President Trump, saying he shared classified info with Russian officials.

However, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis just sent the left over the edge with his latest remark, especially after the’ve been vigorously calling for a Trump impeachment.

Mattis nonchalantly stated that he’s “not worried” about any of this drama — he’s completely unfazed by the media antics.

Newsmax reports:

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says he is “not worried” that President Donald Trump disclosed classified information during discussions with senior Russian leaders.

He says he had discussions Tuesday with three allies, including two who are NATO members, and says the issue “never even came up.”

Mattis says he doesn’t have any details about Trump’s conversation. He spoke briefly with reporters outside the Pentagon after the new Air Force secretary was sworn in.

The White House has defended Trump’s talks with the Russians as “wholly appropriate.” Trump says he was sharing facts related to terrorism and airline safety.

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