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BREAKING: Pro-Trump Actor To RUN In California…



One of President Trump’s most outspoken fans during the 2016 campaign was actor Anthony Sabato Jr. — and now he’s officially put his hat in the ring and is running for Congress in California.

Breitbart reports:

The 45-year-old, best known for his roles in “General Hospital” and “Melrose Place” and as a model for Calvin Klein underwear, filed documents with the Federal Election Commission on Monday.

Sabato will challenge Democrat Julia Andrews Brownley, the U.S. representative for California’s 26th congressional district since 2013.

Sabato catapulted to political prominence last year at the Republican National Convention, pumping up the crowd with his speech on the first night.

After his speech, Sabato incorrectly told ABC News that former President Barack Obama was a Muslim. “I believe that he’s on the other side … the Middle East,” Sabato added. “He’s with the bad guys.”

Sabato, who moved to the United States from Rome in 1985, became a naturalized citizen in 1996. He claimed he was blacklisted in Hollywood because of his support for Trump.

Sabato was inspired to run during Trump’s 2016 campaign, GOP strategist Charles Moran told CNN on Monday. He added that Sabato “knows” the President and is close with one of his sons.

“Being a Republican and with proximity to the White House and Republican leadership, he’s going to be able to get more done — being in the majority, with his notoriety,” said Moran, who will serve as Sabato’s fundraiser.

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