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BREAKING: Pence Takes On Hillary With Stunning Initiative



Earlier this week, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton launched “Onward Together,” a social welfare nonprofit — which happens to be the culprit for a rise in dark money in politics because of their ability to protect donor anonymity.

However, Vice President Mike Pence has decided to counter Clinton’s initiative with one of his own.

On Wednesday, Pence officially registered his own political action committee in order to boost the GOP in the forthcoming midterm election — fighting back against the Democrats and the mainstream media.

Breitbart reports:

The Great America Committee is designed to raise Pence’s visibility and to channel funds to Republicans running for Congress in 2018.

“He wants to support the house and Senate members who are helping to pass the president’s agenda,” the PAC’s director, Nick Ayers, said.

While it’s unusual for sitting vice presidents to establish their own campaign war chests — neither Joseph Biden nor Dick Cheney set up their own fundraising committees — nothing is out of the question now, as Hillary Clinton is preparing a massive onslaught with her Onward Together nonprofit.

In politics, you fight fire with fire.

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