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BREAKING: Hispanics Give President Trump SKY HIGH Approval Rating… Media SILENT!



The media loves to assume Hispanics are the “mortal enemy” of President Donald Trump.

But the they’re dead wrong, as they assume Hispanics don’t care about law, order, and fairness. And, with that being said, there is nothing fair about waiting years to come into America legally when others can just hop the border and end up just fine.

And Hispanics appreciate Trump’s ability to enforce immigration laws and restore order — and it’s showing big time with his approval ratings among Hispanics.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Hispanic support for Donald Trump has surged since Election Day, and now tops that of the president’s overall approval rating.

In its latest survey, Zogby Analytics said that Hispanic support has hit 45 percent, two points higher than the president’s generic approval.

That is 55 percent higher than the total Latino vote for Trump in the election. He won just 29 percent.

“The biggest surprise in this new poll is Trump’s approval among Hispanic voters, which is at 45 percent approval/51 percent disapproval. In February the numbers were less among Hispanics at 39 percent approval/53 percent disapproval,” said Zogby.

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