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Newt Gingrich Is Top Candidate To Replace Reince Priebus as Trump’s Chief of Staff



Newt Gingrich is a bonafide patriot — he’s proven that through his ideas, experiences, and initiatives.

And now, he might be rewarded by President Trump for staying far away from the establishment, becoming a part of the team to help “drain the swamp.”

USANF reports:

After all the scandals created by leakers and traitors that rocked the Washington and the White House, President Trump is considering to make a massive clean up in the House. In a big shakeup it is reported that Newt Gingrich could land a major White House role in the Trump administration.

One of the most credible journalists around, Mike Cernovich, just reported that Newt Gingrich is President Trump’s best choice for his new Chief of Staff to replace Reince Priebus. As we know so far, Cernovich has been correct for almost every scoop so far.

Gingrich has sided with Trump and has been giving him advices from the very beginning. Just a couple of days ago, Gingrich dropped massive bombshell on TV, saying that Trump should shut down White House press room. Then he explained why he should do it by giving some historical example, FDR. Liberals definitely didn’t expect this fact out in public when they heard that their hero, President Roosevelt did the same thing.

I’m sure that he will get the position if he wants to. Gingrich is the perfect choice for President Trump especially at the time when they are attacking him on a daily basis. He knows how to deal with them, for sure!

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