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Maxine Waters Gets NASTY Dose Of Karma After Calling For Trump Impeachment



After Rep. Maxine Waters has spent the past few months calling for the impeachment of President Trump, she got a reply she definitely did not desire — people now want her to be impeached instead.

USANF reports:

On Saturday, Waters gave a speech in Inglewood, California in which she claimed that Trump “colluded” with the Russians with the goal of winning the election, despite her noting previously that there was no evidence supporting that claim.

And thanks to her ridiculous lies, when she arrived at the event, she found hundreds of protesters calling for her impeachment, not Trump’s.

Some of the signs she was greeted with can be seen down below:

People were also enraged that Waters showed up one hour late at her own event.

Maxine Waters has long thought that trash-talking the president will have no consequences on her career or her public image, but now she has finally seen what the people really think of her as – a liberal bigot!

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