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VP Mike Pence Makes Announcement About Border Wall



As we all know, one of Trump’s biggest campaign promises was to curtail illegal immigration by building a wall on America’s southern border.

That promise seems just reached a new milestone — and the mainstream media won’t report it.

USANF reports:

On Tuesday, VP Mike Pence came forward with an incredible statement that’s leaving Americans amazed at the work of the Trump administration thus-far.

“We achieved the largest increase in border security funding in 10 yrs, w/ enough money to make a down payment on the border wall,” Mike Pence said.

He also announced that “This budget bill, under President Trump’s leadership, also includes important health care resources for our great coal miners.” A few minutes later he added: “There is no long-term bailout for the insurance companies that the Democrats wanted to subsidize the badly failing Obamacare.”

At the end, he made the final statement: “After years of partisan bickering and gridlock, this budget bill is a clear win for the American people.”

Promises made, promises kept — it has been just 100 days for Trump in office and he managed to get the biggest increase in border security funding.

Trump has proven once again that he’s the man of his word. Everything he promised he works hard to make it happen.

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