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WEIRD: Shepard Smith Gaffes On-Air… Followed By BIZARRE Reaction



Fox News’ Shepard Smith is the polar opposite of nearly every other host and reporter Fox News employees. Because of his obvious lean to the left, he’s often the subject of great ridicule on social media and many times, for good reason.

However, what he did today during his “Fox Report” had a lot of people scratching their heads, wondering what just happened. See for yourself and decide if it’s a bizarre as we thought it was.

The Daily Caller reports:

Shepard Smith accidentally mixed up Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Fox News Thursday, yet his slight slip of the tongue paled in comparison to his goofy reaction.

Coming back from commercial, Smith began recapping the United States’ recent missile attack on Syria and Thursday’s “Mother Of All Bombs” attack on Afghanistan.

The Fox host began to detail world leaders’ varied reactions to the strikes when he mistakenly referred to “Syria’s Putin.”

“I should say Russia’s Putin,” he corrected himself with a giggle.

You can watch the entire bizarre scene below.

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