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Tim Kaine Attacks Trump’s Syria Strikes, Gets Tables Turned On Him Immediately…



On Friday, Sen. Tim Kaine spoke out against President Trump’s strikes on a lone Syrian airfield, saying he does not believe Trump has legal or constitutional authority for this action, echoing the concerns of some other senators.

He went on to state that Congress must be allowed to debate and vote on military action against another nation.

Then, the tables got turned.

Fox Contributor Lisa Kennedy Montgomery found common ground with the idea of congressional approval, but then proceeded to rake him over the coals, arguing that Kaine is “full of hot air” on the issue after running as VP alongside a “militarist” in Hillary Clinton.

“He was the vice presidential nominee of a total warmonger and I think Hillary Clinton would have used much less precision and done much more damage in the same kind of strikes against Syria,” she said.

She also pointed out Kaine’s hypocrisy, saying that Clinton was in favor of a military campaign to oust Assad.

Kennedy wrapped up saying that she hopes Trump remains skeptical of another Middle East ground war in Syria.

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