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Stephen Baldwin Takes Stand For Trump… Then TORCHES All Of Hollywood



A conservative actor in the liberal bastion of Hollywood is nothing short of a rare gem. Stephen Baldwin, brother of famous Trump-basher Alec Baldwin, was a Trump fan from the beginning.

Not only did he take a jab at his brother for his (poor quality) SNL Trump impersonation, he also didn’t hold back on slamming the rest of the Hollywood elites. This needs to happen a lot more.

Fox News reports:

Actor Stephen Baldwin sounded off on President Trump’s first few months in office and discussed his relationship with his eldest brother.

He said Trump is doing what he promised and had no qualms about his presidency thus far.

An early supporter of Trump, Baldwin said Hollywood’s reaction to the election is “funny in a bad way.”

Baldwin, 50, questioned how liberals would react if a conservative actor made a video and said the things Robert De Niro did about Trump, except about ‘President’ Hillary Clinton.

He said “Saturday Night Live,” on which Alec Baldwin portrays Trump, is also too negative toward the president.

He criticized Hollywood overall for being “disconnect[ed] from reality” in that way.

Stephen also revealed that the election affected his family life, as he hasn’t spoken with Alec since Trump’s victory.

Instead, he wished his brother, who turned 59 this week, a happy birthday on-air.

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