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JUST IN: Jesse Watters Gets HORRIBLE News…



The witch hunt continues.

Lisa Bloom, the lawyer who recently brought down primetime commentator Bill O’Reilly, is now going after Fox News favorite Jesse Watters.

GP reports:

Bloom sent out two tweets Wednesday evening putting Jesse Watters on notice saying, ‘We brought O’Reilly down. Maybe you should be next.’

This liberal lawyer is referring to a hand gesture Jesse Watters made on “The Five” talking about Ivanka holding up the microphone to her mouth during her speech in Germany. Watters said that he likes the way Ivanka was talking into the microphone.

However, that wasn’t good enough for Bloom, as she interpreted this as an inappropriate statement with underlying sexual innuendo — because, of course, anything a conservative man says or does gets misconstrued to fit the left’s twisted views.

Where was Bloom when Democrat lawmaker, Cedric Richmond of Louisiana made a disgusting comment about Kellyanne Conway ‘looking familiar on her knees’ in that infamous White House photo of her on the couch?

That’s right — she was nowhere to be found.

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