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FLASHBACK: Where Was The Outrage When Bush And Putin Went Fishing Together?



What happens when President Trump simply utters the word “Russia”?

The entire Democrat Party, along with the media, throws a tantrum of hysteria and rage.

What happens if George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush take Vladimir Putin fishing?

Silence. Dead silence.

In 2007, George W. Bush family invited Vladimir Putin to his private residence in Kennebunkport, Maine, as noted in his memoir 41: A Portrait Of My Father.

“When Putin arrived on July 1, 2007, Dad met his plane at the airport in New Hampshire and accompanied him on the helicopter ride to Walker’s Point. Then he took both of us for a speedboat ride,” Bush wrote in the late chapters of his memoir.

“Although initially startled by the idea of a eighty-three-year-old former President driving the boat at top speed, Putin loved the ride. (His interpreter looked like he was about to fly out the back of the boat.)

“The next morning, we had a long conversation about missile defense, in which we found some common ground. We then went fishing. Fittingly, Putin was the only one who caught anything,” according to the memoir.

It’s time that the hysteria surrounding President Trump end — Americans know that the same media pushing the narrative that Trump is a “Russian stooge” is the same media who said he had “no path to victory.”

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