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Nancy Pelosi Slams Trump’s Border Wall… So Two Southern Ranchers Put Her In Her PLACE



On “Fox and Friends” Tuesday, two Southern border ranchers took a swipe at Rep. Nancy Pelosi after she criticized President Trump’s proposed wall dividing the United States and Mexico.

Arizona’s John Ladd and Fred Davis slammed Pelosi’s comments that the American people’s desire for a border wall was a “sign of weakness.”

Davis then brought out the facts. He noted that high fences are already prevalent on many border cities, but not in the rural parts of the border. Ladd then stated that illegal immigration has fallen significantly since Trump’s inauguration.

“We have a wall existing on our ranch since 2006, and they’re replacing it now with an 18 foot ballard fence – steel tubing, concrete – and with that activity it’s almost nonexistent to see an illegal anymore,” Ladd said.

Ladd also said that although he and Davis invited Pelosi down to their part of the border to see the situation for herself, Pelosi has not responded to their invitation.

“John, didn’t you invite Nancy Pelosi down to your neck of the woods?” Fox News host Steve Doocy asked Ladd.

“Yeah, Fred and I both did and she didn’t show up,” Ladd said.

“Did she give a reason why?” Doocy asked.

“Well, she never responded,” Ladd replied

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