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Mike Pence Tells Americans He “Will Not Rest” Until…



The Trump administration is not backing down from North Korea.

On Tuesday, while visiting Japan, Vice President Mike Pence made it clear that the U.S. will not concede any pressure until it achieves its objective of creating a Korean Peninsula without nuclear weapons.

The Daily Mail reports:

After meetings with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other leaders, Pence told reporters that President Donald Trump was confident that economic and diplomatic pressure has a chance of compelling North Korea to cooperate.

‘It is our belief by bringing together the family of nations with diplomatic and economic pressure we have a chance of achieving a freeze on the Korean Peninsula,’ Pence said.

“We will not rest and will not relent until we obtain the objective of a denuclearized Korean Peninsula,” he said.

On Monday, Pence traveled to the tense Demilitarized Zone dividing North and South Korea, where he warned North Korea’s leaders that after years of testing the U.S. and South Korea with its nuclear ambitions, ‘the era of strategic patience is over.’

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