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Medal Of Honor Recipient HUMILIATES Susan Rice With Perfect New Nickname



Susan Rice, a has-been Obama lackey who recently surfaced after controversy exploded over the wiretapping of the Trump campaign, is taking more heat than a lit match.

Recently, Dakota Meyer, a true American hero who was awarded a Medal of Honor, had a few things to say about Rice — including a brand new nickname that’s already taking hold.

The Blaze reports:

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer has a nickname for former National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

Rice, who served as a key member of the Obama administration, is the “liar in chief,” according to Meyer, who gave Rice the moniker during an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” over the weekend.

The comments came after more than 80 people were murdered in Syria last week by the Bashar al-Assad regime, who dropped chemical weapons on the rebel-held city of Khan Sheikhun in Western Syria.

“You have to look, [Rice] was the last administration’s appointed liar in chief,” Meyer said. “She came out, she lied about Benghazi, and a year ago, she said on MSNBC all the chemical weapons were removed from Syria.”

“Did she know then, just like she knew she lied about Benghazi, that they weren’t removed?” he questioned. “I mean, it’s insane.”

Meyer went on to say that he hopes Rice and other top Obama administration officials are called to testify before Congress because it’s “time to hold them accountable.”

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